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Ep. 91 - Tiny Frog Friend

Hannah Civico

Thank you so much for watching and enjoying The Corner of Craft podcast! None of the links in this post link to Ravelry. I have linked to designer's Instagram accounts where possible, so you can see where they are choosing to sell their patterns. With yarn and project bags, I have linked people's shops directly.

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Finished Things


Tiny Frog Friend
* Frog by Claire Garland
* Froggie Sweater by Claire Garland
    - I cast on the amount of stitches after the first increase and omitted the neck ribbing. I knit 4 extra rows of stocking stitch on the sleeves, and 2 extra rows of ribbing.
* 2mm HiyaHiya Sharps
* Drops Alpaca in Green Grass and Off-White
* Chromatic Yarns Merino Sock in Dust of Deliciousness
* Project bag from The Little Grey Girl


D&D Socks

* 2.5mm HiyaHiya Sharps, 60 sts
* HeyJay Yarn Merino Sock in Unicorn Barf
* New Depths Heel by Becky Sorensen
* Dice project bag from Busy Bee Bags GB

Cold Brew Socks

* Cold Brew Socks by Allison Stuefer
* 2.25mm HiyaHiya Sharps, 64 sts
* Giddy Yarns Self-Striping yarn in Cherry Blossom
* Tea project back by Down Sheepy Lane (webshop is temporarily closed so I haven't linked it here)
* Caduceus Clay pin by Secret Cat Shop

Truesight Socks

* 2.25mm HiyaHiya Sharps, 64 sts
* Chromatic Yarns Merino Sock in Truesight
* Project bag from The Little Grey Girl

Flatiron Shawl

* Flatiron Shawl by Toni Lipsey
* 5mm crochet hook from Pedro's Plaques
* Chromatic Yarns Merino Sock in Dust of Deliciousness, Spell Resistance, and Metagaming Pigeon
* Project bag by Emerald Fibres (they are no longer making bags)


Shop Update

I have recently had a shop update, and there's still a lot of yarn in the shop! Feel free to check it out if you feel so obliged.


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