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About The Corner of Craft

The Corner of Craft is a small business run out of my house! It's an operation of one, with me (Hannah) doing most of the work. I set up the business in 2013, starting out by selling items that I had crocheted. I learnt how to bead weave when I worked in a bead shop, so started to sell necklaces that I had bead weaved. After moving to Germany in 2015, I discovered the online knitting community, and it was pointed out to me how great the beaded pieces I made would be as stitch markers! After successfully growing my customer base and audience (mainly via YouTube), I started to dip my toe into yarn dyeing.
The stitch markers I make are made by sewing tiny glass beads together one-by-one with a needle and strong thread. This makes the stitch markers very lightweight but durable; perfect for a variety of different yarn weights! They've proven to be very popular and sell far quicker than I ever could have imagined.
The yarn I dye is inspired by the game Dungeons & Dragons. I'm a huge fan of the TTRPG (currently playing a Firbolg Druid called Elen), and find so much joy out of dyeing beautiful colourways taken from monsters and spells found within the game.