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Ep. 88 - Finished My Advent Shawl!

Hannah Civico

Thank you so much for watching and enjoying The Corner of Craft podcast! None of the links in this post link to Ravelry. I have linked to designer's Instagram accounts where possible, so you can see where they are choosing to sell their patterns. With yarn and project bags, I have linked people's shops directly.

What I am wearing: Fluff Nugget by Becky Sorensen, made out of Chromatic Yarns Fluffy Lace in Potion of Heroism

Tea of the day: Bird & Blend Cream Egg (affiliate link)

Finished Things

Newborn Vertebrae

* Newborn Vertebrae by Kelly van Niekerk
* Dusty Dimples 75/25 SW Merino/Nylon - Angel Wings

Flax Jumper

* Flax by Tin Can Knits
* 5mm HiyaHiya Sharps
* King Cole Recycled Forest Aran in Red Brae Wood (bought at Knit Nottingham)

Magpie Tendency

* Magpie Tendency by Skeinanigans
* 6.5mm and 5.5mm HiyaHiya Sharps
* Chromatic Yarns Merino Sock Set in Metagaming Pigeon

Advent Shawl

* Calico Quilt Shawl by Samantha Troia
* 3.75mm Hiya Hiya Sharps
* Chromatic Yarns Advent Calendar


Sparkly Socks

* 2.5mm HiyaHiya Sharps, 72sts
* 2x2 rib cuff for 15 rounds, 3x1 rib for the leg and top of foot.
* Chromatic Yarns Sparkle Sock in Rose Keep.
* New Depths Heel by Becky Sorensen
* Wizard project bag by The Little Grey Girl

Cold Brew Socks

* Cold Brew Socks by Allison Stuefer
* 2.25mm HiyaHiya Sharps, 64 sts
* Giddy Yarns Self-Striping yarn in Cherry Blossom
* Tea project back by Down Sheepy Lane (webshop is temporarily closed so I haven't linked it here)
* Caduceus Clay pin by Secret Cat Shop

Join the informal Cold Crew Sock KAL on the Discord:

Shop Update

I have just had a HUGE update, and there's still a lot of yarn in the shop! Feel free to check it out if you feel so obliged.

The Chromatic Yarns Advent is back for 2022! There is going to be three opportunities to buy one.

Saturday 9th April at 4pm BST
Saturday 7th May at 9am BST
Saturday 11th June at 7pm BST

For more information about the Chromatic Yarns Advent Calendar, please watch this video:

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