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Ep. 84 - Single Malt Knitting

Hannah Civico

Thank you so much for watching and enjoying The Corner of Craft podcast! None of the links in this post link to Ravelry. I have linked to designer's Instagram accounts where possible, so you can see where they are choosing to sell their patterns. With yarn and project bags, I have linked people's shops directly.

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Mario's Socks

* 2.5mm HiyaHiya Sharp needles, 72 sts
* Chromatic Yarns Sturdy Sock in Lathander's Mulled Red

Trilogy Sweater

* Trilogy by Annie Haas aka This.Bird.Knits
* 6mm HiyaHiya Sharps
* Chromatic Yarns Sturdy DK in Unarmoured Defence
* Chromatic Yarns Fluffy Lace in Reani

Single Malt Sweater

* Single Malt by Maxim Cyr
* 5mm HiyaHiya Sharps
* King Cole Forest Recycled Aran in Red Brae from Knit Nottingham

Crit & Knit KCAL!

It's back, baby! Ah yeah. I'm excited. It is a D&D/high fantasy knit/crochet along running from Oct 1st to Dec 1st 2021.

Read the blog post for more info.

Enter the KCAL here

Shop News

Next shop update: 11th December 2021 at 6pm GMT

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