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More Patterns for Yarn Advent Calendars! No Shawls

Hannah Civico

In my previous post, I shared 15 knit and crocheted shawl and cowl patterns that you can make with your 12-day or 24-day yarn advent calendar. I'm back with a part 2, but this time we're steering clear of neck accessories, focussing on jumpers, blankets, and tree decorations. Just to add a bit more confusion into your decision.

None of the links in this post go to Ravelry.

Jumpers & Cardigans

1. Radvent Cardigan - Ambah O'Brien

I wrote at length about Ambah O'Brien's shawl patterns, but she also has great options for shawls and cardigans. The Radvent Cardigan is 4ply (sock-weight) yarn held together with mohair throughout, to create a batwing cardigan. It is knit from sleeve to sleeve and it's such an interesting construction! For more information, please visit:

2. Whatever - Julie Knits in Paris

This pattern is described as a "carefree sweater recipe for your emergency needs of comfort knitting", and I think everyone needs sometimes. Knit using 4ply (sock weight) yarn held double, you could create a beautiful fade or a fun marled effect, in a lovely, oversized jumper. For more information, please visit:

3. Granny Stripe Cardigan - Hannah Siegmund


This beatiful cardigan has patterns available for both a 4ply (sock weight) and DK weight version. Hannah describes this to be a "wearable blanket" and I think that describes it perfectly! Its lack of sleeves would make it to be a useful wardrobe staple year-round. For more information, please visit:

4. Sorrel - Wool & Pine

This is another pattern that is 4ply (sock weight) yarn held together with mohair. This isn't designed to be used with an advent calendar, and I honestly hadn't considered it until I saw Georgie of The Fibre Fox knit a version with some minis from her 2021 advent.

For more information, please visit:

5. STRIPES! - Andrea Mowry

This pattern is meant to be for 2 strands of Suri lace held double, but on Ravelry, some of the projects made use an advent calendar. I think it'd be a great for a non-fade advent! For more information, please visit:

6. Countdown Cardi - Skeinanigans

This pattern was brought to my attention in the Discord group! 4ply (sock weight) yarn held double is knit in squishy garter stitch. An open-front cardigan will be such a wearable wardrobe staple. For more information, please visit:

7. Dot Sweater - Pernille Larsen

This pattern is another that isn't designed for advents. 4ply (sock weight) yarn held double with mohair creates such a fun and soft jumper! A simple fair-isle design, which is so effective. For more information, please visit:

There is, of course, also the option to just knit your favourite jumper/cardigan pattern and fade/stripe your advent minis throughout it! 

@nina_maria_design knit this gorgeous version of a Télégramme Cardigan (pattern by Becky Sorensen) with her 2020 advent calendar by The Fibre Fox.


8. Granny Stripe & Granny Square Blankets

Well I can't mention "blankets" without going to the classics - the Granny Stripe and Granny Square blanket! I am actually working (well, sporadically working...) on a granny square blanket of my own with leftovers and mini skeins. I really need to get back to it. If you'd like to learn more, please check out this blog post. Lucy of Attic24 has a great tutorial on the Granny Stripe, if that's more your scene. Fore more information, please visit:

9. Fade Into Christmas - Yarnia Designs

This is Hannah of Yarnia Designs first crochet pattern, and she's offering it for FREE until 1st Dec. 2022. It's a beautiful corner-to-corner fade, which I think will be so mindless to work on. She also shows that if folded double, it creates a giant shawl! I love that. I definitely want to start one of these. For more information, please visit:

10. Habitation Throw - Helen Stewart

This is another corner-to-corner throw, but this one is knit instead of crochet. This pattern would look great with both a fade and non-fade advent and the eyelet detailing between the stripes gives a bit of extra interest. For more information, please visit:

11. Anthology Throw - Helen Stewart

This is a new pattern for this year and I cannot wait to see the different versions people knit! It is another striped throw, with eyelet detailing, but the pie-shape gives it such a unique look! For more information, please visit:

12. Beekeeper's Quilt - Tiny Owl Knits

This pattern is an oldie, but a goodie! The little hexipuffs are individually knit, stuffed and sewn together. I'm not sure if a 24 mini skein advent will be enough to make a sizeable quilt, but it's be such a fun ongoing project! For more information, please visit:

13. Cozy Comfort Throw - A Homespun House

Holding 2 strands of 4ply (sock weight) yarn together, plus knitting in garter stitch, creates such a warm and squishy fabric! An easy mindless knit, with an icord border to finish the throw off beautifully. For more information, please visit:

Tree Decorations

14. Tiny Sweaters - Miriam L. Felton

This is the pattern I knit with my 2020 Chromatic Yarns advent. It was so cute to knit a tiny sweater every day - I highly recommend. My plan was to string them together on a garland, but I didn't finish knitting them all so they're all just in a bag somewhere in my office... For more information, please visit:

15. Tiny Tree Socks - Summer Lee

If you love knitting socks, you're going to love this pattern. These tiny socks will decorate your tree perfectly and come in a variety of designs. There's something so cute about tiny socks! For more information, please visit:

16. Smitten (a Holiday Garland) - Emily Ivey

The final pattern suggestion I have for you is sticking with the tiny clothes theme. These little mittens are so cute and would make a great advent for years to come! Simply string them up and pop a little sweetie in each one to open. Perfect. For more information, please visit:

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