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15 Yarn Advent Calendar Shawl and Cowl Knit & Crochet Patterns

Hannah Civico

There are so many amazing shawl and cowl patterns out there, it can be difficult to know what to make out of your 12 or 24 mini skein countdown to Christmas. You will have different requirements, depending if you have a faded advent, or if your advent embraces the chaos more. None of the links in this blog post go to Ravelry.

In this post, I'm going to share shawl and cowl patterns and the other pattern suggestions will be coming soon!

You can't talk about mini skein shawl patterns without mentioning Ambah O'Brien. She has so many incredible patterns that you could either knit as a fade or not. For more information about her patterns, please visit:

1. ADVENTurous Wrap

This squishy garter stitch scarf makes the most of your 20g mini skeins. It creates a beautiful fade and the mindless knitting makes it a joy to pick up and work on a little every day.

2. Lamina Wrap

This shawl has the allure of the mindless knit, with the interest of some lace knitting. Yarn overs and decreased creates this fun, wavy pattern.

3. Solstice Wrap

This pattern is a little more garter stitch than the Lamina Wrap, but still has some eyelets to create some interest. The zigzag shape to the stripes is so fun!

 4. ADVENTurer Scarf

This shawl has a similar shape to the Solstice Wrap, but with more eyelets, if you wanted a bit more of a challenging knit. This is another pattern that'll lend itself so well to both a fade and also random.

That's all I'm going to cover for Ambah's shawl patterns, but there are so many more available. Please check out her site for more recommendations.

5. The Quest - Melinda Measor

 I think this is the pattern I'm going to knit for my 2022 Chromatic Yarns Advent Calendar. It seems appropriate, considering how the yarn is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons! You come across encounters as you read through this pattern, rolling dice to determine if you win or lose. That will then tell you the pattern chart to knit! I'm very excited as I think it'll be a lot of fun.

6. Brioche Adventure - Jonatan Tollow

This is the shawl I am currently knitting with my 2021 The Fibre Fox Advent Fade. The brioche leads to such a squishy shawl, and the constant colour changes and garter stripes means that I'm not getting bored. I think it'd be a good beginner brioche pattern.

7. Kuschelig - Christin Kimsey

"Kuschelig" means "cuddly". For me, it evokes cosiness and this squishy garter stitch shawl will be just perfect for bundling up in and keeping toasty and warm. There is an option available for DK weight and sock weight yarn.

8. Calico Quilt Shawl - Samantha Troia

This pattern is the shawl I knit with my 2021 Chromatic Yarns Advent. I think around 10g are used per triangle, and I have worn it so much since completing it earlier this year. Garter stitch means that it's super squishy and warm! And the shape is very wearable.

Right, now we are segueing over to some crochet pattern suggestions!

9. Juniper Cowl - Toni Lipsey


This puff-stitch cowl only uses 10 colours of mini skeins in the pattern, but you could easily adapt it to use 12 of them.  This cosy cowl will definitely keep you warm in the cooler months.

10. AdventUrous Scarf

This pattern uses a technique called Tunisian Crochet. This isn't a skill I've tried before but it's definitely once I'd love to learn! This striped scarf would lend itself beautifully to a seamless fade.

Toni has actually recently made a video showcasing 16 crochet patterns that use mini skeins! Check that out here:

11. Just Feel Cozy Wrap - Caleisha Ryan

This zigzag shawl uses a granny stitch technique to create this fun shawl. I think this would look gorgeous as a fade, but is also stunning with the more random colour choice.

12. Just Feel Festive Wrap - Caleisha Ryan

This shawl uses the same granny-stitch pattern, but with diagonal lines instead of the zigzag. I definitely think I'll be making myself one of these out of some scrap yarn!

13. 24 Day Cowl - Potter & Bloom

Emma Potter has designed this beautiful cowl using DK weight yarn in both knit and crochet! Something for everyone, which I love. The main colour makes the pattern almost look like brickwork.

14. Litmus Cowl - Jude Harper

While this pattern wasn't intended for a yarn advent, I think it lends itself very well to it. The mindless knitting in the round is just perfect for the stressful festive time!

15. Festive Cheer Cowl - Yarnia Designs

Similar to the Litmus Cowl in the round and round knitting, but with the added interest of a little zigzag detail between each of the colour changes! It's just so much fun and cosy.

So that's that! Please leave me a comment letting me know any other patterns that you recommend! I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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