Avocado Progress Keeper

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Avocado Progress Keeper
Avocado Progress Keeper

Avocado's. I didn't eat them for years because I thought I hated them. I was wrong. They're the best thing ever, especially on toast... I'm such a hipster. If you too love avo's, declare it to the world with this progress keeper! 

Not only are these ideal to use as progress keepers in your yarn-crafts, but because they're removeable, they make perfect stitch markers for crochet to mark the end of your round! I love to use these to mark the end of my round in knitting too as the larger clasp is suitable to use as a stitch marker on smaller needles.

From the top of the lever back earring to the base of the charm, this stitch marker is 3.5cm, and the charm itself is 2cm.

The beaded progress keeper/charm is handmade by sewing the beads together one-by-one to achieve the desired pattern. The beads are made out of glass. Although these charms are extremely durable, they're still made from glass beads. If your charm is bashed about, there is a chance the beads may break (although this hasn't happened to me before!)

The earring itself is nickel free and silver plated.

This charm is made in a cat-friendly and smoke-free environment.

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